Preperation For Template

Cabinetry must be fully set. Any add-ons or extensions must be completed before template. Kitchen sinks must be onsite the day of template.

Info we need:     Stove- Brand, model #, and supplier.

                               Sink- Type(undermount, drop-in, farmhouse/apron front), brand, and model #. 

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse/Apron Front Sink

Undermount Sink

Undermount Sink

Drop-In Sink

Drop-In Sink

Farmhous sink must be installed to make a template. (does not need to be hooked up) (Granite Division does not install farmhouse sinks)

Farmhouse sinks need the proper cabinetry to be installed. (Granite Division does not provide or modify cabinetry). 

Correct cabinetry for a farmhouse/apron front sink.

Incorrect cabinetry for a farmhouse/apron front sink.

Farmhouse sink bottom cabinets
Regular sink bottom cabinets
Other things needed at template:

Clear off countertop surfaces prior to template date

Have an adult over the age of 18 onsite who can make decisions and approve all countertop details.