Beautiful Flooring & Other TIle

Are you remodeling, building a new home, or working on any other home projects? Granite Division has a beautiful and modern selection of tile for any flooring, backsplash, pool, or paver needs. Whether you are looking for ceramic tile, porcelain tile, quartz tilenatural stone tile, backsplash tile, tile mosaics, or just about anything else – we carry it! Granite Division has good relationships with dozens of suppliers, and we invite you to choose amongst thousands of selections!

You can see some of our products in our various collections or check out what it might look like using our visualizer tools or the home visualizer in the bottom right corner of our website. Most of our tile product is not available to view on our website.

Below is a list of our tile suppliers (linked to their websites). We carry or can order anything that they have in stock, so we invite you to browse their websites if you can't find what you're looking for here!