Kitchen island with the sink and countertop made by Granite Division from Tyler Texas

Natural and Engineered Stone countertops

We offer many options in both natural and engineered stone! We have granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite selections on our website and many more in person in our showroom and slabyard! 

Natural stone is stone that you might naturally find in a mountain, and manmade stone (quartz) is engineered to have certain properties and patterns. We have a large selection of marble, quartzite, limestone, soapstone, quartz, granite and travertine! Learn more about the stones we carry!

Our process for countertops is as follows:

You choose your stone → We take measurements → We fabricate → We Install

You don't have to do all steps of the process! If you are interested in just purchasing material, or us fabricating countertops and a do it yourself installation then we are happy to help! 

We have some of our slab collections online for your convenience!

Flooring tile

Granite Division may be famous for our countertops, but we also boast the largest collection of tile and flooring in Tyler! It is important that your fixtures match your flooring, and we can ensure the overall theme and mood of the room is intact. 

We work with over a dozen different tile suppliers to give you a nearly endless (over 10,000) supply of quality options. Visit our mood boards page for inspiration!

Our showroom has full displays of natural stone tile, porcelain tile, wood look tile, glass tile, ceramic tile, and more! We have a few of our flooring tile selections online for your convenience.

Tile bathroom wall made by Granite Division from Tyler Texas

Backsplash & Wall tile

Wall tile and backsplashes can dramatically change the mood of any room or area of a home. As a staple of modern kitchens and master bathrooms, backsplashes can feature beautiful color and intricate designs that complement your other natural stone fixtures or stand out and make a statement on their own!

Of course we do natural stone backsplashes, and many of our clients elect to have a backsplash with the same material their countertops. However, we feature many unique wall tile selections that can beautify their surroundings. Check out some of our mood boards to glimpse how you can set the mood of any room with tile selections!

We have the highest quality selection of tile in East Texas, and for your convenience you can browse a few of our backsplash collections right here on our website.

Pavers, pool tile, and outdoor additions

Granite Division is here for your outdoor project needs! We know how fun it is to host outdoor parties, and having a beautiful backyard complements a home like nothing else! 

We often build countertops for outdoor kitchens, and can build other stone fixtures as well!

Granite Division has an excellent selection of swimming pool tile, outdoor tile, concrete tile, and outdoor pavers. Our team is experienced in these types or projects, and we are 
excited to make your exterior look just as (if not more) appealing as your interior.

We have the highest quality selections of material in East Texas, and for your convenience you can browse a few of our outdoor collections right here on our website.

Countertop of high quality made by Granite Division from Tyler Texas

Maintenance & Restoration

Are your sinks sagging?
Are your seems separating?
Are your countertops not shiny anymore?
Does something about the countertop need to be repaired?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then it might be time for some countertop maintenance! As countertop experts we are prepared to fix, repair, seal, or perform maintenance on your countertops.

Request a consultation today for your countertop needs and we will respond to your need quickly!