New Showroom: Opens 2019

Granite Division Flooring

When you look for new flooring for your home, you’ll likely encounter the same types of materials no matter where you look. This is because most flooring companies in East Texas purchase materials from a small handful of regional suppliers.

Not Granite Division. Our extensive range of natural stone flooring options are perfect for any indoor surfaces. Even if your design inspirations come from exotic locales, we can find it and supply it -- direct from the Quarry at Granite Division to your home.

Don’t let your dreams be limited by what you find at your local big box retailers. At Granite Division, we offer endless possibilities in flooring design with a high degree of customization. We can help you meet the requirements of practically any flooring project, whether you’re planning the finished look of your new construction project or renovating your existing home.

Contact Granite Division today to find the perfect selection of flooring options for your project!