Stand out with the Wows of the World

Every stone is unique by nature because no two mountains are identical. This makes choosing the right stone for your home a very special experience. While every stone is unique, most of the time they come in similar color palettes or patterns. This is great because most of the time that color palette is a neutral color and allows you to perfectly match your home with ease. This page however, is to showcase those stones that stand out from the crowd in color or pattern. If you want something extra unique, these are the stones for you!

Iron Red Granite Slab
Iron Red
Fusion Quartzite Slab
Palomino Quartzite Slab
Alexandrita Quartzite Slab

Iron Red is a striking red granite with gray and black veining throughout. 

Fusion quartzite has more colors than most other quartzites. With reds, grays, golds, blues, and blacks, this quartzite is truly unique. 

Palomino is a stunning golden brown quartzite quarried in Brazil. Depending on who you ask, it can either look like a cluster of tree trunks or a turtle's shell. 

Alexandrita is a beautiful green and white quartzite mostly quarried in Brazil. Depending on the stone, it could have varying shades of dark green and pink.