Thank you for choosing Granite Division!

We will do everything that we can to ensure that your experience is easy and enjoyable! This page is an overview of our project process and lists our policies and recommendations to make everything as smooth as possible. We recommend reading through this information to be informed about the process. Please click the button below if you would like a PDF download of this page!


Making Selections
  • Visit Granite Division to select countertop material and look at fabricated edge options.

    • If possible, bring a sketch of countertops with dimensions and pictures of the areas to be covered. Also, bring any inspiration pictures so we can better serve you. 

    • Bring anything you are trying to match with you, such as a cabinet drawer, paint color, existing floor tile or fabric.

  • Select Sink(s) and Faucets. Sink/Faucet Supplier_______________________________________

    • Any farmhouse/apron sinks must be on site and in “temporary place” prior to template.

    • All undermount sinks must be at Granite Division prior to fabrication.

    • Drop in sinks and faucets must be onsite prior to the day of installation.

  • Select Cooktop and remit specs to sales professional. Supplier____________________________

    • Cooktop needs to be onsite the day of installation. Schedule any new appliance installation after granite installation.

  • Receive and review estimate and contract from Granite Division. Inform your sales rep of any changes required and ask any questions.

  • Sign the Contract and return the contract to Granite Division.

  • Pay Granite Division a deposit equal to 50% of project cost.

Preparing for Template
  • Once cabinets are set and any farm sinks are in place, inform your sales rep that you are ready for template.

  • A representative from Granite Division will call to schedule template.

  • Clear off countertop surfaces prior to template date.

  • Have an adult over the age of 18 on site who can make decisions and approve all countertop details.

Preparing for Fabrication
  • After template, schedule a slab layout with your sales rep.

  • At layout, review drawings with sales rep and sign off on information and cut sheets.

  • Make sure all undermount sinks have been delivered to Granite Division.

  • Fabrication time varies by project. Standard lead time is 3 weeks from the date of template but can vary based on project size and workload of fabricator. Please ask your sales rep for an approximate lead time for your project.

  • Once fabrication is complete, a representative from Granite Division will call with an install date.

Preparing for Installation

Prior to the install date, clear off all counters and remove all items from lower cabinets.

  • Create a clear path through your home for easy access to the installation area. It is recommended that floor surfaces along this path be covered to minimize traction of dirt and debris from installers movement in and out of the house.

  • It is recommended that you cover entryways, vents and furniture in the areas adjacent to the installation.

  • Move all breakables such as lamps, vases, mirrors, wall hangings, antiques or other valuables from areas affected by installation work.

  • Prior to the install date, schedule other trades for necessary plumbing, electrical and carpentry work. Granite Division does not provide plumbing, electrical or carpentry services.

    • If Granite Division is performing tearout, Granite Division will disconnect plumbing BUT does NOT disconnect gas. If you have gas appliances please schedule someone to disconnect it prior to the day of installation.

    • Schedule trades to reconnect plumbing and gas appliances the day after granite install.

    • An electrician may be required if any plug/switch areas were affected by installation.

    • Carpentry trim work may be required to hide gaps from leveling granite or cutting appliance garages. Ask sales rep if you have any questions.

During Installation
  • Have an adult over the age of 18 with authority to make installation decisions on hand during installation.

  • For safety, keep children and pets away from the construction area.

  • Once installation is complete, review and sign the Certificate of Completion.

  • Installers will leave you with a can of our granite cleaner, CPR. If you have any other questions regarding care and maintenance of your installed tops please contact your sales rep.

  • PLEASE READ: Tear out and installation of countertops is a major construction process. There will be some unavoidable minor damage done during tear out and installation to surrounding walls, existing tiles, and possibly cabinets. Countertop installers are not responsible for this damage. This type of damage occurs with most installations and the customer should be prepared to make touchups and repairs once the countertops are installed. Granite Division will not discount, credit, or in any way reduce the price due to minor scratches or construction damage. Some dust and debris will result from the installation process. Smells from adhesives and sealants will be noticeable after installation and will dissipate over a 48-hour period.

After Installation
  • If you contracted Granite Division for your tile backsplash, the tile installation will NOT be on the same day as granite installation. Install will be scheduled as soon after installation as possible.

  • Inspect your countertops fully. Let us know if you have any areas of concern.

  • For final payment, please send check to the office. Credit card payments may be made by phone to (903) 535-9000. Credit card numbers are not kept on file.