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Does Granite Division only sell granite?

Granite Division is the top dealer for both stone and tile in East Texas! In addition to our tremendous selection of granite, we carry quartz, marble, porcelain, quartzite, soapstone, limestone, and travertine. We also have a huge selection of tile flooring, tile backsplash, and stacked stone. Learn more about the products we offer.

What stone should I choose?

Some types of stone are better for some projects than other projects.

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Does natural stone or quartz add value to my home?

Yes! Stone surfaces in your home will almost always add more resale value than any other surfacing material. Stone and quartz countertops are very desirable to homebuyers, especially throughout the kitchen. Stone countertops will last a lifetime, which means that after the cost of the initial installation (with proper maintenance and care) they never need to be replaced. Learn more about natural stone and home value

I don't even know where to start in terms of designing. How do I find what I like?

Don't worry! Most people are not in the profession of interior design, but we've got you covered. If you are looking for inspiration on color and the overall tone of a room we recommend checking out our mood board page!

What can I do with natural stone?

Our most common projects are kitchens and bathrooms, but there are tons of possibilities! A few other ideas include outdoor kitchens, floors, laundry rooms, fireplaces, walls, desks, tables, powder rooms, and outdoor showers. Learn more about some of the types of projects we do.

How can I make sure the countertops I choose match the rest of my room?

We make this easy! First, we offer some of the highest quality tile and other flooring options in Texas, so you can actually pick up the tiles and compare it to your chosen slabs. Second, we offer free design tools. You can visualize some of our products in a preset kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc, or you can click on the bottom right of the screen and see some of our products in one of your rooms! For best results upload or take a picture of a room with cleared floors / countertops / walls. Try out one of our visualizers or view our mood boards!

Why can't I find any prices on your website?

We are in the business of customized projects, and every project is unique. If you are just looking for material (or commercial vanities) then we can get you a quote pretty quickly, but we need to define the work we are doing for your home or place of business in order to give you a quote. Fill out a project inquiry form and we will give you more details within a business day! 

How long does the process to getting my project completed take?

Because every project is unique we cannot give a single timeline for all projects; however, most projects are completed and installed within three weeks of a layout being approved.

Does Granite Division carry porcelain?

Yes! We carry both porcelain slabs and tile!

Will I get assistance in designing my stone or tile project?

Our experienced team of sales representatives have helped thousands of clients with their projects. They will be there every step of the way to make sure that you are satisfied with the design and installation of your project!

What is the difference between natural and engineered stone?

Natural stone is just that – natural. You get to install a block of stone with the same patterns and features as it had when it was out in a mountain. Engineered stone (the most common is quartz) is made by crushing up quartz rock, combining it with resin, and then putting it together again. Learn more about the properties of our stones.

Will natural stone stain and etch?

Yes, but some stones are more at risk for stains and etching than others. Any stone that has any porosity can stain and etch, including granite. Sealers are a moisture barrier and can protect countertops, but it cannot completely protect countertops. In most cases, the best way to protect your stone is to seal it and clean up spills immediately. Learn more about the properties of our stones

What is etching?

Etching is surface damage. Often acids, alcohol, and cleaning product can leave dull spots or rings in your countertop. Learn more about the properties of our stone

Will my stone countertop chip?

Most stone countertops are pretty resilient, but none of them are indestructible. Heavy abuse can lead to chipped countertops, but most chipping is easily repaired. Learn more about Granite Division’s repair and maintenance service!

Will natural stone scratch?

No stone is scratch proof, but some are more scratch resistant than others. Learn more about the properties of our stone

Can stone countertops be repaired?

Most minor damage can be repaired; however, severe damage might mean that replacement is your best option. Learn more about Granite Division’s repair and maintenance service!

Will seams be noticeable?

Seams are joints where two pieces of stone meet or join together. Most countertop projects require a seam. If you have curves, arches, or long spans of countertop space, usually a seam is required to protect the integrity of the stone and for logistical reasons. How your seam looks is actually dependent on the fabricator. Some in this industry do not have the tools and sophistication to do seams well, but we use cutting edge tools to show you what the seam will look like beforehand. You get to approve the seam before we cut it. Learn more about seams and templating.

Will natural stone countertops fade in direct or indirect sunlight?

Due to the resin coating on slabs, they will fade in direct sunlight outdoors. They may also fade indoors if in direct sunlight.

What types of edge profiles can I get?

We offer more than a dozen edge profiles for your countertops. Learn more about our edge selections!

Why do different stones have different prices?

Prices of natural stone can differ for a wide variety of reasons. Typically the more expensive the stone, the more rare it is or difficult to obtain. Pricier, more exotic stones usually come from India, Brazil, and Italy. Other reasons stone pricing can differ can depend on quarrying and processing costs, availability, shipping and importing, complexity of fabrication, and its popularity with buyers.

What are the most popular surface finishes?

Natural stone surfaces can be finished in a variety of ways, but polished, honed, leathered, and iced are the most popular finishes. Learn more about our surface finish options!

Can I use a natural stone surface outdoors exposed to the elements?

Yes. Outdoor countertops add a beautiful complement to pool areas, decks, and patios but require more maintenance; especially in regions with seasonal changes. When considering natural stone for outdoor countertops, be sure to select a hard stone. Some types of stone are softer than others and will weather and stain easier. Talk to your sales representative to make sure you are selecting an appropriate stone for your outdoor application and climate.

What is the difference between quartz and quartzite?

There is a major difference between quartz and quartzite – quartzite is natural, while quartz is manmade. Quartz is made by crushing up quartz rock, combining it with resin, and combining it together again. There are more selections of quartz, but they are both popular and excellent materials for countertops. Learn more about the stones here.

What are stone remnants? Can I buy remnants for small projects?

Remnants are smaller pieces of stone or smaller sections of slabs remaining from another project. We sell remnants and sometimes offer price discounts on leftover pieces. You cannot special order remnants – what you see is what you get (we have a part of our slab yard devoted to them). Remnants work great if you only need a small portion of stone for a bathroom vanity, shelving, a laundry room, or for small desks and tables.

What area does Granite Division serve?

Granite Division is located in Tyler, TX, and we serve all over East Texas. We commonly have projects as far as Longview, Dallas, and Shreveport, LA!